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When it comes to taking care of our bodies, our vision is always a top concern. Given just how important our vision is, it’s vital to have routine eye exams to take care of visual issues once they arise. However, it can be hard to know when to seek vision therapy solutions. If you are searching for a reliable optometrist who has experience in vision therapy, then be sure to give Southwest Orlando Eye Care and Vision Therapy in Orlando a call today. We have an optometrist and a vision therapist who can rehabilitate your vision. See below for information about our services, our team, and how to contact us:

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Services We Offer

Here at Southwest Orlando Eye Care and Vision Therapy, we are here to offer our patients a wide variety of amazing services. Here are some of the main services that we offer:

Eye Exams

If you haven’t received an eye exam in over a year, then now is the perfect time to give us a call. As we mentioned earlier, our vision is vital to our overall health. In addition, when you have a certain eye issue, you might not even know that you have it. To prevent certain eye conditions, be sure to see us for your routine eye exams.

Visual Rehabilitation

Whether you’re recovering from a certain condition or you want to make your vision a little sharper, then visual rehabilitation is the service for you. Using various visual exercises and other treatments, we can help you reach your full vision potential.

Computer Vision Treatment 

Given how much time we spend staring at our phones and computers, our eyes are taking a beating. Just like our bodies, our vision also needs rest from time to time. For effective computer vision treatment, Southwest Orlando Eye Care and Vision Therapy has the services focused on strengthening your eyes.

Meet Our Orlando Team

We are proud to have Dr. Ben Konynenbelt as our developmental optometrist on staff, with Michele (Shelly) Pagan being our vision therapist. These two eye care professionals have vast experienced in the industry and our other team members work by their side to provide the most effective treatment imaginable. Dr. Konynenbelt graduated from the Indiana University School of Optometry where he developed many of his professional skills in the industry. Not only does Dr. Konynenbelt focuses on treating the eye conditions of his patients, but he also focuses on improving their vision in the long-term.

From routine eye exams for more intensive eye care solutions, Southwest Orlando Eye Care and Vision Therapy in Orlando is your one-stop-shop for keeping healthy vision for life. Call us today at 407-271-8931 to make an appointment!

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