General Information about Amblyopia Created by an Orlando, FL Optometrist

Amblyopia, more commonly known as a lazy eye, is an issue that tends to arise during infancy. It can cause vision problems, and if not addressed properly, these issues may continue into adulthood. Sometimes, a person who suffers from this condition is crossed-eyed, so it's noticeable. However, not all cases of amblyopia are obvious. At Southwest Orlando Vision Therapy, serving Orlando, FL and the surrounding region, we perform the necessary screening and visual rehabilitation to identify and correct the problem. 

General Information about Amblyopia Created by an Orlando, FL Optometrist

General Information about Amblyopia 

Amblyopia occurs when one eye doesn't work correctly with the brain. The brain tends to favor one eye over the other. It's possible for amblyopia to cause issues with both eyes. It ranks as the most common cause of visual impairment in kids. 

This problem may arise due to strabismus, which is when the eyes don't line up with one another. Sometimes, amblyopia is from a refractive error when one eye can't focus to the same level as the other. Those who have a cataract could develop amblyopia. 

Diagnosing Amblyopia 

The first part of your vision exam is to check if you have a vision deficit like nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism and to what degree. Our eye doctor will evaluate both eyes to check if one eye is stronger than the other. Then, our eye doctor will use a specialized magnifying glass to look into your eyes and check for issues with either one of them. 

Treating Amblyopia with Vision Rehabilitation

Usually, our optometrist begins the treatment process by ensuring you're wearing the correct prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses. You may need to wear an eye patch placed over your stronger eye. You wear it for at least two hours, possibly up to six, each day, and your vision in the other eye will improve. Another possible treatment is a Bangerter filter, which acts like an eye patch. In some cases, our eye doctor may use an atropine eye drop to blur your vision in the stronger eye. You'll have to use the eye drops either daily or just on the weekends. Part of your treatment may include performing eye exercises to strengthen the weaker eye. In the more severe cases, we may need to refer you to an eye surgeon. 

We may perform visual rehabilitation on your children to strengthen the weaker eye. We advise parents to bring their children in early for a screening.  However, we perform vision therapy on patients of all ages and have had success. Schedule an appointment with Southwest Orlando Vision Therapy, serving Orlando, FL and the general vicinity, by calling (407) 271-8931.

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