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Are you looking for a great place to get your vision issues treated? An optometrist at Southwest Orlando Vision Therapy in Orlando is here to help you out. Keep reading for more information about the conditions we treat. 

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Conditions We Treat

We treat many kinds of eye conditions here at Southwest Orlando Vision Therapy. We treat conditions such as: amblyopia, strabismus, focusing problems, binocular dysfunction, and oculomotor dysfunction. Below is more information about each of these eye conditions. 


Amblyopia is also known as "lazy eye." This condition occurs when there is a disconnect between the brain and the eye. 


Strabismus is when the eyes appear to be crossed. This condition happens when the eyes are not able to align with each other. One or both eyes can be crossed. This condition can occur frequently or from time to time. 

Focusing Problems

Focusing problems are when patients have a hard time focusing their eyes. Patients with focusing problems need to readjust their eyes manually.

Binocular Dysfunction

Binocular dysfunction is when the patient sees double of everything. Both eyes naturally send the same image to the brain, where those images are combined into the one we see. Those with binocular dysfunction have issues with double vision and a hard time processing the images. 

Oculomotor Dysfunction

Another term for this is tracking problems or eye movement dysfunction. Those who are able to track with their eyes naturally have no problem shifting their gaze quickly from one object or word to another. Patients with oculomotor dysfunction jerkily shift their gaze. 

Visual Rehabilitation

Here at Southwest Orlando Vision Therapy, we offer an array of treatments to help patients with the above eye conditions.  Our visual rehabilitation services include electronic devices, therapeutic lenses, prisms, patches, filters, and anything else we think will help with your sight. 

Make an appointment with us so that we can diagnose you and start your vision therapy sessions. Your first appointment with us will include a comprehensive vision exam so that we can identify the issue you have with your eye or eyes. We will then diagnose and discuss the different types of treatment that will improve your vision.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to working with you and helping you improve your vision.

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Make an appointment today to get your eyes treated by us. You can visit us at Southwest Orlando Vision Therapy, 7208 Sand Lake Road Ste 202, Orlando, FL 32819. You can also make an appointment over the phone by calling us at (407) 271-8931!

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