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No matter what you’re doing in life, having healthy vision is very important. If you’re dealing with eye problems, it can lead to life-long issues and less enjoyment with doing the things you love most. That being said, getting regular eye exams and taking care of vision problems quickly is the best practice for a healthy life. From routine checkups to visual rehabilitation and more, Southwest Orlando Eye Care and Vision Therapy is here for you. Located in Orlando, FL, we are proud to offer our services to those in the entire surrounding area. Keep reading to find out more information about our optometric services, including how to contact us.

Optometric Services

When looking for a visual rehabilitation office, you look for one that carries a wide variety of trusted optometric services. Take a look at the many services that we carry:

Visual Rehabilitation

Whether you’re looking to recover from a traumatic eye injury or you just want to improve your vision, our visual rehabilitation services are perfect for you. During these solutions, our expert team will conduct various visual exercises that are focused on correcting your vision. The goal of this service is to help our patients rehabilitate their vision to increase their quality of life.

Post-Concussion Treatment

Concussions can damage your brain and also your vision. If you've been involved in an accident and suffered a concussion, the after-effects can leave your vision fuzzy and sensitive. Luckily, Southwest Orlando Eye Care and Vision Therapy provides advanced treatment options for those who have experienced a concussion. Our exercises can lead to improved vision and a healthy future for your eyes.

Vision Exams

We are proud to offer comprehensive vision exams to help determine the health of your eyes. These exams should be conducted at least once a year. During these appointments, we’ll conduct various exercises that not only provide an assessment of your vision, but it helps to improve your vision at the same time.

Sports Vision Therapy

When it comes to playing sports, having healthy vision can lead to better performance on the field. Given that sports require a great deal of hand-eye coordination and depth perception skills, it’s vital to see our eye doctor for routine eye exams and sport vision assessments. After an initial appointment, our eye doctor can explain the current condition of your vision, including how it can improve.

Vision Therapy You Need

If you’re looking for top-of-the-line eye care solutions, then Southwest Orlando Eye Care and Vision Therapy in Orlando is the company to choose. Whether you need pediatric vision therapy or computer vision treatment, our team of eye care experts know what it takes to provide eye care solutions focused on your long-term health. If you would like more information about our services or would like to schedule an appointment, give us a call at 407-271-8931 today!

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