Strabismus And Vision Therapy 

Strabismus, also known as wall-eyed or cross-eyed, is a treatable condition that affects 4% of all children. Our optometrist at Southwest Orlando Vision Therapy has years of experience in treating strabismus with pediatric vision therapy. 


What Is Strabismus?

Strabismus occurs when the eyes fail to work together. People who have strabismus typically have one eye that is able to focus on the task at hand while the other eye is out of alignment. The eye that is not focused may turn inward toward the nose, outward toward the wall, up, or down. Sometimes, the misalignment of the eyes is obvious, and other times, it's subtle and does not require treatment. Babies are often born with some level of strabismus, which is normal. As the eyes continue to develop, most infants grow out of the condition. 

How Is Strabismus Treated

There are a few treatment options available that can help improve vision. For some people, no treatment is necessary as the condition is not noticeable and does not have any effect on the person. For others, treatment is necessary to maintain confidence and good vision. 

One option is eye surgery. During the surgery, an eye surgeon works to realign the eyes so that they can work together. Sometimes, it's necessary to have this type of surgery more than once to fully correct the problem. If your child has strabismus, it's a good idea to have the surgery done as soon as possible. The earlier that strabismus is corrected, the higher the success rate of surgery. 

Vision therapy or visual rehabilitation is another option for people who do not want or are unable to have surgery. Vision therapy is supervised by an optometrist, and consists of a number of activities to strengthen vision. Vision therapy is also different from wearing glasses and contacts. Undergoing vision therapy teaches the patient's eyes to correct the problem themselves.

When your child comes in for a consultation, our optometrist will ask you about your child’s symptoms, and will examine the eyes. Our eye doctor will then determine the best treatment method for your child.

Call Our Optometrist in Orlando for Visual Rehabilitation

If your child is dealing with strabismus in one or both eyes, our optometrist in Orlando is here to help. Call Southwest Orlando Vision Therapy at 407-271-8931 to set up an appointment today. 


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