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How We Utilize Vision Therapy to Improve Your Sight

Many people believe that if their sight is bad, glasses or contacts are the only solution. As long as they wear these glasses as directed, they should be able to see normally. But for many people, resolving vision discrepancies is not that simple. Children especially can be affected by conditions that can be treated with vision therapy to encourage better vision throughout their lives. Our staff at Southwest Orlando Eye Care & Vision Therapy can provide high-quality eye treatment when glasses and contacts prove ineffective.

How We Utilize Vision Therapy to Improve Your Sight

What is Vision Therapy?            

Vision therapy is a type of physical therapy for the eyes and vision control areas in the brain. By using a combination of computer activities, prisms, filters, and lenses optometrists devise customized vision therapy programs that not only help kids see better but help their eyes to work with one another properly. While many think the goal centers around building up the muscles in the eyes, this is not the goal. Visual rehabilitation has much more to do with strengthening the communication between the brain and the eyes. Vision therapy involves more than doing a few eye exercises. In order to be effective the person involved, as well as their parents, if they are children, needs to be committed to the process. At Southwest Orlando Vision Therapy in Orlando, if it is determined that you or your child might be a candidate for vision therapy or visual rehabilitation, you'll work closely with a qualified optometrist as well as a vision therapist in order to retrain learned vision behaviors in order to make for better and more efficient vision.

Tools Commonly Used in Vision Therapy

Vision therapy uses a combination of therapeutic lenses, eye patches, balance boards, filters, and other tools during regular rehabilitation sessions that are conducted under doctor supervision. In most cases, sessions last 30-60 minutes, one or two times per week. Of course, at Southwest Orlando Vision Therapy we start the process with a complete and comprehensive eye exam, so we can determine which methods are most likely to work best for you and/or your child.

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If glasses have not been enough to help you or your child through vision issues, there is a good chance that vision therapy can help reverse eye teaming issues or slow the development on nearsightedness, which will lower the risk of conditions like glaucoma or cataracts later in life. To learn more about how our optometrist can make a difference in your life, contact us at Southwest Orlando Vision Therapy in Orlando, FL at (407) 271-8931 to schedule an appointment.

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